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Collier County Honor Flight Mission 6Collier County Honor Flight Mission 6Collier County Honor Flight Mission 6


Guardians are essential to the success of the Collier County Honor Flight program. Without these volunteers we would not be able to carry out the dreams of so many veterans, enabling them to see the memorials built in their honor.

Typically during our trips, we will assign one guardian to each veteran. Even before the veterans arrive at the airport, the guardian’s responsibilities begin with flight preparation and going over their packets of material. Once the veterans start to arrive, guardians will ensure boarding passes and IDs are available, get the veterans through security and to the gate, assist in boarding, etc.

From the moment the veterans are in our hands until we return them to their loved ones in the evening, guardians will be asked to treat these heroes as if they are family and ensure that every veteran has a safe, memorable, and rewarding experience. Guardians are volunteers and are expected to pay for their trip. The cost for a Guardian to take the trip is approximately $450, but may vary, depending upon flight accommodations.

Because they play such a significant role in our program, we will provide training sessions for all guardians prior to participating in one of our trips.

If you would like more information about becoming a Guardian, please contact us at 239-777-9295 or via email at: